Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Wednesday Morning

I don't think I've hidden from you the fact that I am a big fan of coffee. I'd look up a post [that I think I did] with a picture of my favorite, giant coffee mug, but I'm a wee bit lazy this morning. Anyways, that awesome coffee cup is no more. *Insert moment of silence*

As I opened my cupboard this morning to choose a cup from which to drink my coffee, it occured to me: I don't want a set of all the same coffee cups. I like all different ones. Some mornings I like to drink out of a nice tall dark mug [like the one that is no more], other mornings I like something prettier, or vintage. Or whatever. So, I bring you: this post of awesome coffee cups listed on Etsy. Beware: Searching coffee cups on Etsy is dangerous. I could have bought at least 10 without even going more than 2 pages into my search. *Yikes*

Mug w/Coffee

Vintage Dunkin Donuts

Vintage Blue Flower

Hand Made Pottery

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