Friday, September 2, 2011

Vintage Lovelies

Earlier this summer, as I was off on another errand,
I passed these lovelies at a garage sale. Stacked up in a similar fashion:

I was headed somewhere though, (In a rush, I'm sure) and so I didn't stop.
I did mention to my husband a few days later though:
"Hun, I saw these yellow suitcases. A set of them! They were awesome. And you know, if we travel, no one could mistake them at the airport... just not what you see nowadays."

Well, my sweet darling husband filed that information away. And about two weeks later, he was driving along, and happened passed a garage sale. With a lovely stack of suitcases. The.Same.Ones. What?! How is it that someone didn't already nab them?!
But he got the whole set for me. And he haggled on the price (not his style, but I'm working on him. I'm proud of him for getting a screaming deal.) Check this out: $35 for the whole shebang!

He had the boys bring them into the house and show me. And they have all the keys for the locks too. (I totally would have stored such a gift away for Christmas or something, but he didn't. Cause he's awesome.)

So there they are. Now, where can I fly so that I can use them? =)

One more thing:
How cute is my little leprechaun?

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