Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I took my kiddos camping for a night with my parents family & my aunts family. It was really a lovely time. But by far, the most exciting part of our 2 day, one night stay, was our friendly bear cub. Who came to hang out by our campsite right after dinner. This picture is my little guy leaning off the porch of our cabin to get a better look at our visitor:
Here is a blurry (but amusing) picture of our bear sniffing out our camping chairs:

(My boys were very afraid the bear was going to make off with them.)

And here's our little friend headed off to terrify some other poor campers:
He was pretty small, but I will tell you, when he walked right up to the steps on the porch we were on, I got a little nervous. We were mere feet from him... and my camera had shut off so I missed that awesome shot of him looking right at us.

A nice part of this camping trip was the lake and beach. The kids had a blast! (See the man with the big beard? Guess what he does for a living?? He's my uncle, and he's a logger. Totally looks the part doesn't he?)
And last but not least, a snapshot of my other two kiddos, Danny is asking grandma Kim for the hundreth time, when the camp fire was going to be started =)

It was a lovely weekend, and we can't wait to go back next year.

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