Thursday, October 13, 2011


Lately I have had a lot on my mind. I want to create a lot of changes. Changes in the way my house is run. Changes in the way we worship, and where we worship. Changes in my Etsy store. Changes for my cookie business. Lots of change. Even changes in my home: where we do school, where I sew, where Ben sleeps. (When Ben sleeps)

And all these changes lead to much prayer. And even lead to more questions. Am I doing the right thing for my family? Can I homeschool my kids and still maintain sanity? Can I push enough of my own desires away to homeschool? I mean, Nick and I felt really certain that God was calling us to open a coffee house... once the kids were all in school. But if the kids aren't going to school? Then when? Or are the kids suppose to go to school? And where?
Thankfully, I know God has it all under control. He will continue to lead us, as He has done. We have found a new place of worship, where we were welcomed with open arms. Where they gather to help each other... chop fire wood, paint a house, have a hay ride. Where they reach out in love... and really sing in true worship. My husband and I leave church on Sunday already looking forward to the next week. We love it. And as much as we feel that God guided us in our search for a new church family, we feel He will guide in our search for how to grow our family.

And I know a lot starts with me. On how I use my time. For business, for my children, for my house. My house needs alot of help right now. My husband and I have recently pinpointed a major problem that affects how I get things done... or don't get them done. And now that we know what the problem is, it's working with it and around it. I think I'm getting there. Learning to be a mom and a house keeper and a teacher doesn't happen over night. But slowly... I accomplish one task at a time...

Like this quilt that is pictured. For my Aunt Colleen. (My absolute FAVORITE aunt.) It's made from shirt pockets of my late Uncle Bill's shirts. I finally finished it. And she loves it.
(My Aunt Colleen and I at Ben's dedication celebration.)

So I search for change, and pray for guidance, and try and do my best to do what is asked of me.

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