Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Coffee and Other Important Things

Things have been going soooo well here. I finally have been feeling like my old self. My "before I got pregnant with Havilah" self. I have been productive without having to "pump myself up" first. I knew I had been out of sorts, but I didn't know how badly until I started feeling better again.
Enough with that.
Do you know what it's like to blog with children?
With a baby?

It makes for awful heavy typing fingers. But it's awful cute.

So onto the purpose of this post. Good coffee. I went on a quick run to the local grocery store.
(Which I usually avoid at all cost. People who shop there regularly must hate money.) Anyhow... I got looking at those delicious looking creamers in the dairy section. I really was there to get half and half, but those creamers always catch my eye. Once in a while I give in and buy one ---- and it's never as good as I hoped. And often down right gross. Not to mention, never as creamy as half and half. So, I resisted the urge to try some gingerbread flavored creamer, grabbed my half and half, and thought about gingerbread coffee all the way home.

I decided, why not flavor the coffee while it's brewing? It turned out (in my humble opinion) very well. And I still got to use half and half. (Perhaps I should re-name this post: Half and Half, and other important things...)
Ok, here are your ingredients:

Good coffee, vanilla (real or fake, I'm not here to squabble folks), cinnamon, ground cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. Measure in your coffee and amount of water as you normally do. I brewed a 5 cup pot. Then I added - on top of the grounds - about a half tsp of vanilla, 2 good shakes of cinnamon and ginger, and one good shake of cloves and nutmeg. Then I hit the brew button.

Let her do her thing, add sugar and cream to taste... Voila! Gingerbread coffee. This goes perfectly with fresh baked pumpkin cookies:

(No - you are not getting the cookie recipe, what do you want me to do?! Go out of business?!)

So between feeling great, great coffee, and a sunshiney morning, it was a good day!

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