Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pictures of my Day

Hello friends.

Did I tell you about this little missy? This puppy? That is final piece of evidence in proving that I am crazy? Yes, there she is. I am buying a gate for her. Soon. Maybe online as soon as I'm done with this post.

We got apples at the market today. Aren't they pretty? I mean, does anything taste better than apple crisp?

Oh yes, and a snack of yogurt with honey. I know, that's an obscene amount of honey. But, I could have eaten the honey without the yogurt, so I feel that this is a compromise.

Things I've accomplished this week (as in the last 7 days, I realize it's only Wednesday):

My aunts quilt. (Yes the one that was suppose to be done a year ago.)

Listed new items on Etsy

Made plans to go to my brother's wedding. *More on this to come

Made a healthier shopping list

Finally wrote a list of blog posts that I want to do, before they escape my mind.

Made a crazy amount of pumpkin cookies, and plan on doing more.

And that's a wrap up.

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