Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tim's Wedding

Do any of you have a Tim in your family?
You know, the brother who walks into a room full of happy family members and creates chaos?
Oh good, there is one in every family.
This post is to tell you there is hope for your "Tim." =)

[Let's all hope my brother doesn't read/get offended by that.] *Giggle*

Well, our Tim joined the Marines. Met his true love, and her beautiful daughter, in CA. And soon decided to marry her. To say we are happy is an understatement. We.Are.Thrilled.
Here is Tim's new daughter playing peek-a-boo with Havilah:

Here is Tim's bride {Isn't she georgeous?!} with her sister.

Here are my parents with my brother right before the ceremony:

(He looks so young!)

And my two boys with their uncles.

Hopefully soon I'll have some better pics. But that'll have to do for now!

It was a good trip to VA, but we are glad to be home again.

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