Monday, November 28, 2011

The end of November

It actually doesn't look this snowy in NY right now. It did... a few weeks ago. When I snapped this picture. I actually remembered to bring my camera with me somewhere, and it was so pretty, I pulled to the side of the road and snapped a picture. I may see how this looks in a large print and hang it over my mantel. Maybe.

So does anyone not know about Pinterest yet? Really? Get on top of this folks... it's the biggest thing since facebook! Anyways, I am addicted to pinterest. Not gunna lie. And there are so many awesome things you can find on it... go... I'll wait while you see what all the fuss is about. Anyhow...
I discovered these yummy cheese crackers pictured above.
And this crazy good chocolate chip cookie pie pictured below:

So while you dream of eating that, I'll recap you on my silent few weeks:
I went to VA with a friend of mine to visit with my brother and his new wife and daughter.
I finished Havilah's quilt.
I've sold some stuff on Etsy.
I'm rearranging some rooms in my home.
I've decorated for Christmas.
I've had Thanksgiving with my family.

And that's a wrap.

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