Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Crazy Days

I got up this morning early. At least to me. Havilah has decided morning starts at 6:30 am.
I felt I got a good start.
I did some cleaning, as the in-laws were stopping by this afternoon.
The hubby left for a side job with one little helper, so I had baby Havilah and one boy.
Not too bad.
Lunch got done.
Hubby came home, boys watched a movie and Havilah napped.
Not too shabby.
In-laws arrive.
Enter Craziness.
Danny begins his crazy-show off-don't listen-be intrusive behavior, because we now have visitors.
After ignoring his father several times, his father removes him from the room and sends him upstairs. This... this blatant ignoring of us, when we are speaking right to him - right infront of him has been going on for weeks... And to put it mildly - We. Have. Had. ENOUGH.
So I decide I don't care if I see looks of disaproval becuase he has been sent upstairs.
The visit eventually ends. (Yes, Danny got to come back down stairs.)
I do the dishes that are in the sink.
Then get everything ready and dinner in the oven.
I wash the prep dishes.
I get dishes unloaded from the dish washer... try and clean random things.
Dinner is insane.
Dinner is done.
Hubby leaves for firehall.
Children get baths after much craziness, they are in jammies.
I put on music for dancing, as there is not enough time before bed for a movie.
I try and explain why punching is NOT a part of dancing.
They don't seem to get it.
I try to explain that hitting each other with stuffed animals is not a part of dancing.
They still seemed confused.
Havilah goes to bed and falls asleep. Amen.
I try to read a blog that always makes me smile.
I look at the picture on the blog of this lady's "messy kitchen".
I laugh, becuase it looks like my kitchen, when I think mine is clean.
Boys fight enough that it is now bed time.
I instruct them to be quiet so Havilah doesn't wake up.
(Why wasn't my first child the light sleeper?! That would have been do-able!)
Children are tucked in bed. I start sewing.
I hear noise, too much noise.
I hear Havilah cry.
I throw my scissors at the table. (Because I am uber mature.)
I go upstairs - Loudly. Stomping. So they know I'm coming, and they know I'm mad.
(Because, I don't need to be quiet - Havilah is already awake.)
I proceed to loudly tell them I will throw each and every one of their stuffed animals out the window if they continue this behavior.
(I do this because it is the mature thing to do.)
I take Havilah downstairs and cuddle her.
I try to savor this time.
I focus on not thinking about how I wanted to sew. How I need time to breathe.
I tickle her little back, let her play with my hair, and just snuggle her.
After a while, I start back upstairs, I hold her and walk into the boys room announcing that she is going to bed, and I better not hear one peep.
I lay her in her crib, she rolls over and tugs her blankie close.
I go back downstairs, and decided to get on the computer to tell you all this.
Aren't you thrilled?!
Now I am going back to sewing. I hope.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Why hello again.
Is anyone still out there?
Just popping in to give and update of what is happening here.
Today, I completed the (monumental) task of ordering seeds for the garden.
I love it. I poured over seed catalog after seed catalog.
Took diligent notes in my note book.
In the end, I purchased the majority of my seeds from these two places:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange

I made the decision, after reading more and more of the atrocities of Monsanto, that I would be planting primarily heirloom and organic seeds from companies not affiliated with Monsanto. To place in my garden non gmo seeds and plants. To try and plant rare and different forms of vegetables. I am excited. I am really excited.

I plan on keeping you updated on how my garden grows =)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy week

Sorry the blog has been so quiet. There has been many goings-ons around here.
But I have been working on a few things.
Here's the little baby afgan I have been working on.
Found a new crochet stitch on youtube. Thank youtube, for teaching me everything I know.

And here's that quilt I was working on.

Looks better with some borders, yes??

And I have been wanting to show you this scarf.

I made it a while ago, but I want to make more in different colors, and perhaps throw some in my etsy shop. Yes?

Hope your week is going well!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Current Projects

Good evening friends.
Major current project:

Drinking tons of this stuff. Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. Sooo good. Go get yourself a cup.

The dots quilt (above) is a quick project for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl.

I love the little dots in pink and grey. And I appliqued some circles to the quilt top. I backed it with a soft pink flannel with tiny stars. More pictures of this when completed.

Has anyone ordered fabric online, waited patiently for the package in the mail, ripped it open on the way into the house (the house you are headed back to at rapid speed because you left the house and entered the frozen tundra without a coat or boots - just your slippers - 'cause you watched the mail lady put the package in the box, so you had to run out real fast... sorry, I digress...) anyways, you open the package and "that's not what I thought it was... at all." Yeah, that's this project posted below:

It was a great deal, someone de-stashing. A honey bun and a tiny charm pack (anyone know what those are?) I saw the deal, was running late already to get the boys to school, so purchased it quick and headed out the door. It's a line called Fairy Tale Friends. I eliminated any print that had a cat in it. Not sure how this one will turn out, but I have to get some border fabric for it while I'm out Monday. I liked it more as I cut it into strips... not so much when I pieced it... Off on a tangent again: As I lay in bed a few nights ago (my honeybun already sewn into rows of 5), I had some great little projects spewing in my head for it... pin cushions... little pillows made with 25count patches, but I forgot all those in the morning. And worked quickly to throw something together so that I didn't end up throwing it all in a drawer, and I could get it out of the way 'cause I didn't really like it. It may still grow on me... we'll see.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Havilah Grace

My pretty girl.
I was going to do a post on you at 6 months. And then at 7.
And I've decided not to wait until you are 8 months or I might forget.
So you are now 8 months, minus 4 days.
And you are wonderful.
You started clapping last week.
For a while you clapped everytime we put a bite of food in your mouth.
(That's your Irish side.)
You love to eat rice krispies. You love how they stick to your hand.
You really love little bits of bread.
Your two bottom teeth also popped up this month.
You give big giggles if we kiss your belly.
You are finally sleeping through the night.
I still love to nurse you.
You go all crazy happy when you see a bottle, though.
You roll and you scooch.
You love your little bear. And you kiss her.
With wide, opened-mouthed kisses.
You are good natured, and rarely get upset.
And when you do cry, you seem to act like it's just too much trouble, and soon stop.
Which cracks us up - you don't put much effort into it.
Thank you for being such a good girl.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Waiting on God - The Coffee House

Photo Credit: Etsy: Key Lime Designs

So this little apron kinda sums me up. Coffee. Mommy. Almost two different worlds.
I woke up this morning to a very quiet house. My husband has one of the boys, the other one and baby are still sleeping.
I looked out the window, saw the pretty sunrise, and was struck with a little feeling from the past. An urge almost; to go, get dressed in nice clothes and head to a coffee house and start making people their coffees. To become a barista again.
Perhaps this feeling was coming on simply because I had been recently reminded of, and told a few people of, what I feel called to do. And now, I share it with you.

Several years ago, Nick and I felt called to open a Christian coffee house. There were several distinct things I remember about this idea being planted in my head, this idea that kept growing, and growing with prayer... that sent us to business classes, and to investigate and look at other coffee houses... I remember that this idea/vision was a very pretty, very relaxing place. It appealed to almost everyone - it was easily accessible - not in the basement of a house or church - but for everyone. We were planning on a teen night with wii and guitar hero and xbox competitions. We were planning products we'd offer, food allergies we could accomodate...
And then as we rushed forward, we felt it.
The sudden urge to stop moving forward.
And as we prayed, and searched for what we were suppose to do: wait. Wait. This is not for now, this is for later. Wait.

Someone once said that often the hardest answer to hear from prayer is not "no", it's "wait." And so I try to savor this time home with my children. Remind myself how blessed I am to be home with them and not work. But sometimes, I wish them to hurry and grow old enough to attend school. Sometimes, I wish I could call a babysitter to watch them while I head off to go make coffee. Oh, I enjoy sitting and relaxing in a coffee shop, but sometimes I wish I could be back there, behind the counter, working again.
My kids are lined up to be in school within the next four years, and other things, like financials and commitments, are lining up to make this coffee house easier to create... God willing all will continue to fall in place. Until then I try to wait... patiently. I would appreciate your prayers as we look forward to what God has planned.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd time is the charm

I've been gone a long time.
And blogger welcomed me back by deleting my post when I hit "Publish Post".
Awful nice of them.
Anyways... Missed blogging. I thought of it often.
Thought of the things I wanted to share, and of the things I wanted to write just so I could look back at them. You know, when I'm old and grey, and I'll really miss this time...
So again, New Year, same resolution: Blog more regularly.

It's been a really mild winter her in NY so far. And nothing weather wise to report on.

I did however, think I might give you a little update on the goings ons of the last bit here in Rose land.

I finished Havilah's hello kitty quilt. She's uses it bunches. (Obviously becuase I choose it more often, as she still at the point where she gets very little say so in anything. *grin*) I found that hello kitty fabric, thought of my childhood, and bought it. I thought my daughter would be so original, no one has this stuff nowadays! False. Hello kitty is everywhere. I just didn't notice, til now. Will try and post pictures of that quilt soon.


I started this little dots quilt for a friend. I want to applique more circles on it, I just ran out of my fusible web... to be rectified tomorrow at the quilt store.

I have become a full fledged Pinterest addict.
I can claim that I am more than a pinner, I am a do-er.
I have made bunches of things that I've pinned. Including these lovelies:

And I won't make them again for a long time, as my family thinks that these were made for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and when-ever-the-mood-strikes-time.

My little Havilah, my tiny baby, is now 7+ months. So fore-warning, my next post will be a super sappy one, just about her.

Hope your Christmas and holidays went well.

See you soon.