Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2nd time is the charm

I've been gone a long time.
And blogger welcomed me back by deleting my post when I hit "Publish Post".
Awful nice of them.
Anyways... Missed blogging. I thought of it often.
Thought of the things I wanted to share, and of the things I wanted to write just so I could look back at them. You know, when I'm old and grey, and I'll really miss this time...
So again, New Year, same resolution: Blog more regularly.

It's been a really mild winter her in NY so far. And nothing weather wise to report on.

I did however, think I might give you a little update on the goings ons of the last bit here in Rose land.

I finished Havilah's hello kitty quilt. She's uses it bunches. (Obviously becuase I choose it more often, as she still at the point where she gets very little say so in anything. *grin*) I found that hello kitty fabric, thought of my childhood, and bought it. I thought my daughter would be so original, no one has this stuff nowadays! False. Hello kitty is everywhere. I just didn't notice, til now. Will try and post pictures of that quilt soon.


I started this little dots quilt for a friend. I want to applique more circles on it, I just ran out of my fusible web... to be rectified tomorrow at the quilt store.

I have become a full fledged Pinterest addict.
I can claim that I am more than a pinner, I am a do-er.
I have made bunches of things that I've pinned. Including these lovelies:

And I won't make them again for a long time, as my family thinks that these were made for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, and when-ever-the-mood-strikes-time.

My little Havilah, my tiny baby, is now 7+ months. So fore-warning, my next post will be a super sappy one, just about her.

Hope your Christmas and holidays went well.

See you soon.

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