Saturday, January 21, 2012

Current Projects

Good evening friends.
Major current project:

Drinking tons of this stuff. Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. Sooo good. Go get yourself a cup.

The dots quilt (above) is a quick project for a friend of mine who just had a baby girl.

I love the little dots in pink and grey. And I appliqued some circles to the quilt top. I backed it with a soft pink flannel with tiny stars. More pictures of this when completed.

Has anyone ordered fabric online, waited patiently for the package in the mail, ripped it open on the way into the house (the house you are headed back to at rapid speed because you left the house and entered the frozen tundra without a coat or boots - just your slippers - 'cause you watched the mail lady put the package in the box, so you had to run out real fast... sorry, I digress...) anyways, you open the package and "that's not what I thought it was... at all." Yeah, that's this project posted below:

It was a great deal, someone de-stashing. A honey bun and a tiny charm pack (anyone know what those are?) I saw the deal, was running late already to get the boys to school, so purchased it quick and headed out the door. It's a line called Fairy Tale Friends. I eliminated any print that had a cat in it. Not sure how this one will turn out, but I have to get some border fabric for it while I'm out Monday. I liked it more as I cut it into strips... not so much when I pieced it... Off on a tangent again: As I lay in bed a few nights ago (my honeybun already sewn into rows of 5), I had some great little projects spewing in my head for it... pin cushions... little pillows made with 25count patches, but I forgot all those in the morning. And worked quickly to throw something together so that I didn't end up throwing it all in a drawer, and I could get it out of the way 'cause I didn't really like it. It may still grow on me... we'll see.

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