Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Havilah Grace

My pretty girl.
I was going to do a post on you at 6 months. And then at 7.
And I've decided not to wait until you are 8 months or I might forget.
So you are now 8 months, minus 4 days.
And you are wonderful.
You started clapping last week.
For a while you clapped everytime we put a bite of food in your mouth.
(That's your Irish side.)
You love to eat rice krispies. You love how they stick to your hand.
You really love little bits of bread.
Your two bottom teeth also popped up this month.
You give big giggles if we kiss your belly.
You are finally sleeping through the night.
I still love to nurse you.
You go all crazy happy when you see a bottle, though.
You roll and you scooch.
You love your little bear. And you kiss her.
With wide, opened-mouthed kisses.
You are good natured, and rarely get upset.
And when you do cry, you seem to act like it's just too much trouble, and soon stop.
Which cracks us up - you don't put much effort into it.
Thank you for being such a good girl.

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