Monday, January 16, 2012

Waiting on God - The Coffee House

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So this little apron kinda sums me up. Coffee. Mommy. Almost two different worlds.
I woke up this morning to a very quiet house. My husband has one of the boys, the other one and baby are still sleeping.
I looked out the window, saw the pretty sunrise, and was struck with a little feeling from the past. An urge almost; to go, get dressed in nice clothes and head to a coffee house and start making people their coffees. To become a barista again.
Perhaps this feeling was coming on simply because I had been recently reminded of, and told a few people of, what I feel called to do. And now, I share it with you.

Several years ago, Nick and I felt called to open a Christian coffee house. There were several distinct things I remember about this idea being planted in my head, this idea that kept growing, and growing with prayer... that sent us to business classes, and to investigate and look at other coffee houses... I remember that this idea/vision was a very pretty, very relaxing place. It appealed to almost everyone - it was easily accessible - not in the basement of a house or church - but for everyone. We were planning on a teen night with wii and guitar hero and xbox competitions. We were planning products we'd offer, food allergies we could accomodate...
And then as we rushed forward, we felt it.
The sudden urge to stop moving forward.
And as we prayed, and searched for what we were suppose to do: wait. Wait. This is not for now, this is for later. Wait.

Someone once said that often the hardest answer to hear from prayer is not "no", it's "wait." And so I try to savor this time home with my children. Remind myself how blessed I am to be home with them and not work. But sometimes, I wish them to hurry and grow old enough to attend school. Sometimes, I wish I could call a babysitter to watch them while I head off to go make coffee. Oh, I enjoy sitting and relaxing in a coffee shop, but sometimes I wish I could be back there, behind the counter, working again.
My kids are lined up to be in school within the next four years, and other things, like financials and commitments, are lining up to make this coffee house easier to create... God willing all will continue to fall in place. Until then I try to wait... patiently. I would appreciate your prayers as we look forward to what God has planned.

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